IRVWPC Variable Speed Pump Controller Install

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Today I installed the IRVWPC variable speed water pump controller ( in an effort to quiet the water pump and reduce the annoying cycling of the pump.  (I will say I’ve installed and experienced an accumulator tank in a previous RV and was not satisfied). I will say the install was a resounding success!  It was a very straightforward process of tapping into the existing 12V wiring supplying the pump and installing the supplied pressure sensor on the outflow side of the pump.  Everything needed is included in the kit, and the job was completed in less than 30 minutes even accounting for time watching a few online videos.  

I did have a question about one of the connectors, and the owner of the company promptly responded via email and even offered to call me to assist with install if I needed it.  I didn’t.  The manual and YouTube videos were very good at showing the steps.

  I tested the sound level of the pump before from 2 feet above the pump with the water about 75% on at the kitchen sink.  The db app showed readings of 69-70 db.  After the install, the db meter showed 59 db!  It was definitely quieter and ran smoothly after initial pump startup, especially at lower water demand, producing a very quiet, “purring” of the pump motor instead of the loud on/off pulsing previously experienced.  At full water demand the noise is about the same, maybe a little quieter and without the surging.  The only thing it did not resolve was my hope that a toilet flush would be quieter, but it didn’t entirely turn out that way.  I suppose a toilet flush demands 100% of the water, so the pump came full-on with the press of the pedal, but it did quieten down if you continue to fill the bowl.  (I was hoping it would quieten a middle of the night flush, but I think that is where an accumulator tank might come in handy.)

The controller also has several built-in safety features (that can be turned off) like a long run timer, a dry run timer, and a low cycling sensor (indicating a possible leak).  These settings will trip the pump off and potentially save you from a flooding event or a burnt out motor.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the IRVWPC controller.  I will have to make a programming change since the unit is preprogrammed for on-demand style water heaters, and our Alde is a tank style.  There is even a video for that reprogramming and looks very straightforward.  Highly recommend!

Below is the controller, and you can see the pressure sensor that you install on the outlet side.  Everything needed is included in the kit.  You just need a wire stripper and a screw driver.

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    Nice, but the ShureFlo water pump does have its own pressure sensor switch built in, and if your pump was surging, then it’s pressure sensor is set wrong or malfunctioning.  Our water pump in the TaB400, is quiet, and only comes on when pressure in the line drops below the set level.  

    An accumulator tank, adds a reservoir pressurized water to the line, and it is used to reduce the pump on and off cycles, by adding additional pressurized water supply.  If your pump is not working correctly, and accumulator tank will not fix this nor will it quiet the pump when it runs.
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    @Denny16 the pump is either on or off ; there is no option for a pump speed between 0 and 100 percent.  yes, the pressure sensor will cut the pump on or off based on the preset, but it will still cycle the pump on at 100% power if the pressure drops below the preset.  The pump cannot differentiate whether you need a little bit of water or full water flow. If you don’t need full water flow, then the pump goes on and off, on and off trying to match the pressure, and wastes energy if you don’t need full demand.  This controller works like a variable speed drive, giving you a pump speed to match the demand.  It eliminates much of the mechanical noise and vibration of the pump motor, and the company claims a 50% reduction in energy usage, which would come in handy if boondocking.

    I had an accumulator tank in my previous RV, and that did relieve some of the cycling, but it also introduced an additional item to have to deal with when it came to winterizing.  It did not address the noise that the pump produced.  I also appreciate the safety features programmed into the controller, which will shut down the pump if it detects a potential problem.
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    This might be something I’d look into. We tend to try to conserve water by having the faucet halfway on but the pump can go crazy trying to maintain pressure. Looks easy to install too.
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    @TNOutback, I understand the controller you added slows down the pump, to match the demand, which is nice and will help the pump run quietly.   When you said the accumulator tank didn’t reduce the pump noise, I thought you had expected it to do so, and responded it would not, just reduce the cycles some.
    Your new controller looks like a nice bit of kit, and if our pump was especially nosier, I would consider adding this also.  Glad it solved your issue, and saving battery power is always grand.
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