Upper cabinet issue with board separation

Hello all,
Just wondering how many other owners are having issues with the separation in the upper shelving area. This board holds the light fixtures above the sink/stove area. It appears the screws that hold it in place have let go. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be easy to take it down, reinforce the holes with toothpicks/wood glue, and put it back up. I previously tried to use caulk and clamps to put it back in position, but it separated again about a month after our two month cross country trip.
The trailer is practically brand new, but we purchased it used (original owner only had it four months). It is a year old now.

Thank you!


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    It appears you have  a TaB400, what is the black object sitting on the shelf in the photo, a microwave oven?  If so, looks like it is too heavy for that shelf, causing the bottom to shift down?  
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