glycol change costly!

Cost for a gylcol fluid change for 320? What are average costs in PNW? Looked up a nearby Alde heat service center, it's an Airstream dealer. Got a rough quote; 3-4 hr job, charge $200/hr, and then there is the Rhomar fluid costs, too. Not sure I trust the Apache Nucamp dealer in Portland, Oregon cause of phone discussions, seems like they are unclear at times. Might do it myself, read up on the DIY manual. 
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    As much as I dislike doing maintenance items such as glycol change the general expense of getting it done third party seems too pricey. I learned, thanks to the helpful individuals here, to do it myself. Learned much more about my CS-S along the way. I figure it is worthwhile endeavor.
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    See if your dealer will sell you the Rhomar.  I cannot justify paying $500 - 800 every two years.  I will try this myself this Spring.  Truma in Indiana sold me 5 gal for $270.  If I'm careful, I may get two separate flushes out of this.
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    Three to four hours is crazy! A competent dealer should take about two hours for the switch from Century to Rhomar. Less if you already have Rhomar in your system. Our dealer on the East Coast charged about $30 per gallon for Rhomar drop shipped from nuCamp (not including shipping).
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