Storage Baskets for Late Model 320

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I cannot take credit for this idea, as I saw the idea on a 'Mandy Lea' video.  But, I did find an inexpensive storage basket (at Lowe's) that fits well in the back cabinets of my 2021 T@B 320S.  I went on a search after my last trip where half of my clothes fell out of the cabinet every time I opened the door.  They were just under $9 each and relatively easy to cut with a utility knife.  


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    I really like this storage solution! We just bought our Tab 10 days ago and are looking for great options like this. Can you share a link to the specific item from Lowes please?
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    @Curamel.  Here you go.  I also ordered some rubber edging from Amazon to cover the edges after you cut the baskets to fit the space.  This protects the inside of the cabinet from getting scratched by the cut edges.  Good luck!
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    @Curamel.  One more note:  They also have shorter baskets.  I bought two tall and two short baskets.  I like the taller ones...but the hinges do 'brush' the top of the baskets when you open and close the cabinet door.  Not a big deal...but just wanted to let you know.  
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    I just cut down a pair of the baskets. I notched the front of the baskets since the hinges intersect significantly with the top of these. I'm also including a photo of the shears that worked well for making the cuts, and a view that shows how the angled side cuts and the cut down back work.  

    Front notches to clear hinges. I may make these wider to provide hinge clearance no matter where the bins are laterally.

    This is how I cut the sides and back to fit the wedge-shaped space.

    The hinge runs into the top of the bin by about the width of that top "band". View of the partially closed mechanism.

    Shears that work well for cutting this material. 

    2023 T@B 320 S Boondock
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    I like this idea.  I usually use packing cubes when I travel and have had mixed results tossing them in those rear cabinets.  I like the  look of our teardrop trailers, but it certainly complicates the utility of the storage cabinets. 
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