portable 12V/110/120V freezers

Does anyone have any experience with a 12V or dual voltage portable freezer brand. Not looking for the biggest, just one that will retain items frozen. 

Any info or recommendations would be appreciated.


  • Grumpy_GGrumpy_G Member Posts: 422
    I own one of the "original" ARB/Engel fridge freezers for going on 20 years now. Beat to hell from hundreds of miles on some of the hardest Jeep trails in the West but still works fine. These have a patented Japanese "swing compressor" which has only one moving part in the form of a piston. No bearings, rotating shafts, connecting rods etc.. And it did accidentally freeze my food when the sleeping bag slid across the top and turned the dial. Talk about a downer when you've set up camp and are ready for a steak ... :) 

    There are other companies in this field nowadays but no experience with them. 
  • MarcelineMarceline Member Posts: 1,473
    I have a Massimo 30L electric cooler that I bought at Costco several years ago. It definitely keeps food frozen, although I don’t use it in that mode very often. 
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  • webers3webers3 Member Posts: 402
    I replaced the 3 way in my 320s with ICECO portable fridge/freezer, works great, I like the versatility of it, set it and forget it.
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  • berggerbergger Moderator Posts: 918
    I've had an engle and dometic in the past. The Engle was very reliable, the domestic crapped out after 3 years. That was disappointing.   I currently have an IceCo 45VL. Love this fridge. It has been rock solid for the 3 years I've had it. And its less expensive than some other brands. 
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  • Dame_plumeDame_plume Member Posts: 75
    I just bought a Alpicool CX50.  It can be set to fridge or freezer temperature.  It comes with a regular plug and a plug for the 12V.  I did not get to try it in the T@b, but tested it at home to see if it kept food frozen.  Tested at -20 Celcius and it holds temperature very well.  Hope it will be the same on 12 V!
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  • AnOldURAnOldUR Member Posts: 1,185
    We've been using a 12V 54qt Domende (not Dometic) for three seasons and around 30K miles as a replacement for the 3-way that came in our 2020 320S. We've only used it as a fridge, but it has worked great. Unlike the 3-way, it's set and forget. The temperature holds regardless of outside conditions.

    This year we also purchased a 16qt to use strictly as a freezer. It rides in the back of our Wrangler. It's been great being able to bring frozen foods on longer trips and have ice for drinks. The label says it's a Vevor, but the build is identical to the Domende and it can be controlled by the same phone app. My guess would be that there's one factory in China pumping these things out under different names.

    54qt Domende from Amazon
    16qt Vevor from Home Depot

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