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Greetings!  I am the new owner of a previously owned 320s.  When configuring the cushions into a full bed, where should the table and support be stored?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 
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    Your year would help. I added a second table bracket to the end of the bench by the door on my 2021 320S Boondock. I like the table better there during the day. It's easy to set stuff on and take off it from outside and acts as more counter space. At night the table slides vertically into it's post so it's out of the way and I use it as a headboard.

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    Which model year do you have?  A Lagun table?  If a Lagun, some owners store the table in the passenger side bench.  Some owners keep the bed set up and may use the Lagun table on an outside mount.  We used to store ours under the bed.  Now we don’t carry the table.  
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    Thanks for the suggestions and pictures!  Ours is a 2022 320s Boondock with the Lagun table.  I will try a few configurations and see what lives the best.

    Thanks again!
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    A couple of other thoughts...we have a '21,  essentially the same trailer.  The table will fit under the front passenger side compartment, under the cushion, unless you have batteries there or it's full of storage.  I made a second table with a drop leaf and we just lean that against the exit door when we go to bed. We keep the lagun table outside full time.  We do sleep with the twin set up vs. the full bed, so in the morning, since I rise before my wife, I roll my bed up and put the leg on the support with the table (can do it most of the time w/o her waking up : :) .  With the drop leaf feature, the table does not take up much space.     I am able to make coffee inside while she sleeps and have a place for the cup/ipad, etc., especially if the weather is cold or rainy.  Best wishes...

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    Very nice!  I like your table design.  A great space saver.  Thanks much for sharing! 
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    We put ours in the TV for the night.
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    @TAB4theLake  We store it under the driver side seat.  There is just enough room on top of the wheel and we put a brace on the wood divider between the Alde compartment to hold it stable and leveled.
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    We place the table with attached post into an old flannel pillow case and lay flat cross-wise on the floor when in full bed mode.  The table just fits flat on the floor between to driver side and passenger cabinets.  Be sure to place table in center of the floor so the pull-out supports are not interfered with.  
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  • SlackersSlackers Member Posts: 391
    When camped we attach the table to the outside mount. Overnight or when rain is forecast we cover it with a trash bag and tie the open end closed with a twist-tie.  On the road we usually store it under the passenger side cushion. It replaces one of the 2 plywood bench panels.  The panel it replaces is moved on top of the other half back panel. Sometimes the table rides on the floor under the bed.
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