2016 Little Guy T@B S Basic owner's manual/awning

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We just purchased a used 2016 Little Guy T@B S Basic from a dealer.  We are RV neophytes and are learning as we go.

Of course it did not come with an owner's manual.  I have scoured the internet and have failed to find one.  The closest I've found is for a NuCamp 2017 model.  I THINK this is due to the fact that NuCamp apparently took over T@B distribution in 2017.

We are also looking for a side awning that will fit.  We are unsure which current NuCamp model is closest to ours, whether the 320 or the 400.  We are thinking this may be crucial to finding an awning, canopy or tent which will properly fit our camper.

In any event, any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


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    A Little Guy T@B would be a "320." The numerical designation was added after nuCamp added the larger (400) model to the T@B line.
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    And you can find more info on various versions of past owner's manuals here.
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    Thanks a million for the quick and helpful response. I was pretty sure it was the 320, but confirmation is appreciated. 
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    @peterhautzinger welcome to the Tab family! I have a 2017 320S and still love it after seven years! Here’s a link to the 2017 320S manual. I  printed mine out and have it in a binder along with the various equipment manuals. You can probably find those online, too, as each item has its own manufacturer and manual. There usually are a few differences between model years, but this gives you most if not all information you’ll need. Each model year had two runs, with any operating or safety issues addressed mid-year. One of the biggest changes between a 2016 and 2017 is the venting for the stove. Our model years say LG/Little Guy. They were the marketing arm for Pleasant Valley, PV now NuCamp as of 4/1/2017 when NuCamp took back their entire marketing from LG. LG then created their version of the Tab, although there’s been issues with their quality. More history than you may want to know, but there it is! Enjoy your Tab and your new adventures! 
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    Thank you very much, this is extremely helpful.  I had been able to glean the gist of the history of LG and Pleasant Valley and NuCamp from various internet searches, but your explanation hits the nail on the head.  Everything I've seen indicates the general quality of NuCamp is top notch, so I am hopeful we'll have few issues.
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