Extend fresh water drain valve??

lkc001lkc001 Member Posts: 731
Hello--I have a 2017 Tab 320S, where the fresh water drain valve is under the steps and straight back behind the passenger wheel.  Somehow, (LOLL)  I find every year it gets a bit harder to get down on the ground to reach a short arm back in there to turn the stiff valve open and closed :/   I plan on camping in my Tab until I can't any longer.  Has anyone figured out a hack to extend that drain hose/valve or use some kind of a tool to open and close the valve??    Not to mention--WHY?? Do these trailer manufacturers put some of this stuff in the most awkward places??? (rhetorical question).  Thanks for any ideas! =) 
2016 Nissan Frontier SV V6 4x4
Finally!  New Owner of a 2017 Tab 320S! 


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