Cover for exterior refrigerator vents on T@B 320S

EtheridgesEtheridges Member Posts: 5
Hello all,

I recently purchased a 2017 T@B 320S that has the Norcold N180.3 three-way refrigerator. On one of my trips, I recently lost one of the refrigerator exterior vent covers. These covers seem to be smaller than most based on the research I have done on Amazon, etc.. I have included measurements in the attached photos. I noticed another discussion similar to this one that another member posted. A link was provided to Norcold covers on Amazon. I checked the items at those links and they are not the same as mine (they are bigger). I reached out to my nearest T@B dealer and they said the Nucamp factory no longer carries the bases or covers. There are no part numbers on either the base or the cover. Does anyone know what the part numbers are or what aftermarket covers to buy?


2017 T@B 320S
2015 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi


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