Bike rack addition

I'm wondering if any owners out there have added a bike rack to their 320S. I've seen the rack that attached over the front wheel but looking for something different. I've seen the dual receiver that are available that add a second receiver above the main 2" receiver. However to make that work easily so that I can add and remove the trailer while bike is installed, I need to make a custom receiver, increase length of safety chains, dead man brake cable. Lots of work. Anyone have any ideas that worked out well?

Pics would be great if you have them



  • GatorEggGatorEgg Member Posts: 448
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    I’ve carried our bikes probably more places than most.  
    I’ve had them on a Jack-it over the trailer tongue -  Didn’t like it there, left bike grease and oil on trailer front and rack seemed flimsy.
    Ive carried them on the Boondock Yakima rack on trailer rear - Didn’t like not periodically seeing if bikes still there.
    Best place is on top of my tow vehicle.  When staying at a site, we leave trailer then venture into nearby towns or trails with bikes on vehicle.
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    If you have the right tow vehicle, a front rack will work and has the advantage of being able to bring the bikes to a trailhead while leaving T@B back at the campsite. Low mount, so easy to load and unload.

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  • BrianRBrianR Member Posts: 13
    There has been a lot of discussion about "double receivers" and the impact they have on your trailer hitch capacity. It's not a great option according to the experts. The Jack-it rack is ok but agree that on the tow vehicle is the best option. IMO
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