2010 T@b Dutchman

Hello all! Anyone got a spare key that they will like to sell? I misplaced my key and have gone to a few locksmith’s with no luck. Any other suggestions?? Thank you
2010 tab dutchman


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    I recall a Nissan key blank worked.  I found this on the T@B IO forum:
    The door key was made from a Nissan blank ILCO X114-DA24 

  • rfuss928rfuss928 Member Posts: 889
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    FWIW - The DM T@B doors were known for not being very secure.  This is because they just sit on the two hinge pins and can be lifted off and removed easily when the door is open.  Unfortunately, this can also be accomplished when the door is closed and locked.  But, this is your solution.  Pry the door up from the hinge side a bit more than an inch and the door will pop off the pins and fall open.  You will need to take care not to damage the door bottom or sill but it is possible.

    Good luck!

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