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Hello! My husband and I in December picked up our new 2024 Tab 320 CSS after many years of family camping with our son in a pop up camper. We’re used to creative storage. A few questions for CSS owners:
1.) Do you, or can you, use the galley kitchen countertop area to store items like camp chairs and roll-up tables while traveling? I was thinking if we protected the sink/stove/counter area with old sheets or blankets, then we could use the galley for storing some items. And/or do you lay those items on the bed while traveling? If you have any photos of your set for storage while traveling, I would appreciate it.
2.) Do you have any tips or check lists for order of set up in your CSS?
3.) Do you find it best to travel with the bed set up for sleeping, in terms of having less to do when arriving at camp?
Thank you for any answers or ideas for storage during travel and when set up.


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    1. I have a cheap flexible plastic tote for water hose and filters and such that I put in the sink for travel. I don't put anything on the counter except soft stuff like cushions and table cloths. I put folding chairs & tables inside on the floor of the camper for travel. Be wary of anything that could gouge the inside of the hatch when it's closed.
    2. I haven't updated this in a while, but this checklist does have at least one item that's specific to the CS-S

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    We don't store anything on the galley counter top. Dish-washing items are stored in a small plastic basin that fits in the sink. There's a gap between the galley cabinets and bottom of the galley hatch opening where we'll store small and light-weight items such as an extension cord, fly swatter. marshmallow/hotdog skewers.
    We store our "bag" chairs under the passenger bench but I don't think your newer model configuration can accommodate this usage.
    If the trip is a single destination, we make up the bed upon arrival and tear it down prior to returning home. If we're on a multi-stop trip the bed stays made up. We have a Ikea Butler tray for taking a meal or snack if the weather forces us inside.
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    Our camp suds and a pot scrubber travel in the sink.  We have a piece of packing styrofoam that fits snuggly in the well of the galley that holds our large coffee thermos and fire extinguisher.  Also, we have a butane burner that fits nicely in the well.  Ditto on Marceline’s advice about stored items that can gouge the hatch.  Even while in camp, be careful with items that extend beyond the hatch curve.

    We travel with the bed made and carry the following under the bed:  2 camp chairs, 2 aluminum folding tables, tent poles x 2 sets, plastic rugs, sun shelter(s)  We carry our large Brahma lock in a canvas bag on the floor in front of the shower.  The PaHaQue tent lays on the bed and 2 portable 100 watt solar panels are sandwiched and secured with pillows under the comforter.  We carry empty water jugs on the shower floor.  Also, in winter, the shower holds quart containers of extra glycol and antifreeze.  

    The Brahma lock is good for adding tongue weight!

    Not sure how much set up detail you need.  When we arrive at the campsite:

    1.  Before parking the TaB, use a NCVT on the electric pedestal to make sure the ground is intact and to hopefully allow a change of campsite as necessary.

    2.  Park it, check side to side level requirement and add Anderson or blocks as needed before final position.

    3.  Chock first!

    4.  Add wheel or footplate, remove tongue pin and lift coupler latch, remove chains and break away cord.

    5.  Raise tongue to release hitch, pull TV away.  Level front to back.

    6.  Position stabilizers.

    7.  Hook up surge protector and shorepower, then water.

    8.  Attach tent, lay rugs open chairs/tables.

    9.  Arrange camp kitchen and work table at galley and cover galley as needed.

    10.  Have an adult beverage - always in a coozie /koozie 😁

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    Thank you all for the tips! Very helpful. 
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    Congrats on the new rig!  We just got a 2024 CS-S in December.  Looking forward to our first long trip up the Vermont for the eclipse (or to not see it as it's a terrible time to go weather wise).  I would say that storing anything in the galley on the counter isn't a great idea.  It could possible fall into the space on the front of the cabinets and get stuck on the handle latches.  We store our camping table in that space on the floor but it's pretty wedged in.  I just make sure it doesn't block the fridge/cooler vents.  
    I am attaching the Set Up checklist that I am in the process of developing if you want other ideas.  Mine is a mist mash of several that I have seen and it is a work in progress.  I will say that getting the LevelMate Pro is about the best thing in the world and makes the initial leveling really easy.  
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    Welcome to the group. We have an '18CS-S. I think you will like your new trailer a lot.

    Other than that we are very similar. You questions in order.
    1. When the clam shell is closed, there is very little space on the counter. We don't leave anything there. If you did, it would be tossed around pretty good. The back of the trailer is on the end of the whip so to speak.
    2. I have attached a checklist and expanded checklist for our trailer. We have a regular RV toilet rather than the cassette. You have a Nautilus water system where we have a collection of valves under the sink. And we have a refrigerator where you have an electric cooler. Because of the differences listed above, you will need to make changes, but this is a good start. I can't seem to attach the editable versions, but there is a lot of software these days that can manipulate PDF files. 
    3. Like you, we travel with the bed down and stuff the space underneath very much the same. We do carry a 5gal jug of ice water in the shower. A rubber shower mat keeps the jug from scratching the floor. I did make a larger table for the Lagun mount. Now, both of us can eat comfortably outside. When we do bring the table inside, it is large enough to play a full size board game.

    Things not asked:
    We have an electric kettle. It stays inside in the winter and in the kitchen in the summer. The passthrough is for food mostly. That way we can reach snacks from the inside. Napkins, paper plates and cups are up there too. We have a Coleman sleeping bag opened up to lay on the bed. To make it look pretty we have a duvet cover from IKEA. A sheet and two small blankets are folded and stuffed in the shelf above the pass through cabinets. The Alde is very comfortable. You won't need more than two small blankets.

    It is a perfect trailer for short stays except, there is no hanging space for coats in the winter.
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    CWRob, I noticed no one mentioned their tow vehicle.  I don't know what you're towing with, but if it's a SUV or a Pickup I would think you would have plenty of room.  I tow with a pickup and this is my 7th TT, and I've never lacked space.
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    We tow with a Subaru Onyx XT. We can run out of space. It bothers me when we get to the "To do this, we have to move that..." mode.
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    We have a Honda Pilot, and make good use of it when camping in the pop up. I’m hoping we won’t need to rely on it for storage quite as much now that we have the Tab. Im sure we’ll develop new packing habits in time. 
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