2024 Tab 400 Black Canyon Coupler Height is 21"

Hi Everyone!

I was trying to figure out the right hitch to show up with when I pick up my new 2024 Tab 400. I couldn't find this info anywhere so I contacted NuCamp and they responded right away. Excellent customer service.

In case anyone else needs this info: The measurement from the ground to the top of the coupler is 21" on the 2024 Tab 400 Black Canyon


  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 5,445
    So that should make the tow vehicle tow ball height 20”.  You want the trailer level with the TV or slightly lower — never higher!

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  • MuttonChopsMuttonChops Member Posts: 1,587
    Am surprised nüCamp provided the coupler height referenced to the TOP as the standard tow ball height calculations use the Coupler Height referenced to the BOTTOM .

    Would assume if Top is 21" Bottom will be 18-19'ish inches.

    Calculation reference:

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  • B0atguyB0atguy Member Posts: 181
    This should be the same for the standard 2024 400 Boondock model as well ? Black Canyon is just more solar , tank heaters and underglow lights , so the stance should be exactly the same ? 
    Havent picked ours up yet , so just checking for a proper ball height for the truck . 
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