Effective GPS trackers

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Has anyone successfully used a GPS tracker fully cross-US and back without large gaps in coverage in 2023-2024?  How about US to Canada maritimes?

What brand and fee please?

Tracki has confirmed by phone "our system may not work with all networks" which is proven out by our trial.  Tracked fine from NE to Indiana, quit in the West, and restarted in IN/OH back east.   Same experience in 2021 and 2022 going to CO, TN, and NF Canada.  They twice claimed we needed an updated device which was not really tested until the next year.  Refunds on the months paid but unhappy with the time spent hardwiring this thing twice. 
Like many trackers it will keep emailing you its moved in your yard when actually stationary- an artifact of variant satellites' baselines perhaps.

Reading Amazon reviews of many devices, it looks like 10% to 20% of all buyers of all brands have similar issues.  

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