Guidelines for Buying and Selling

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Allowable Items: Personal property including T@B campers and accessories, compatible equipment and camping gear, and T@B-specific products of a craft nature may be offered for private sale. Advertisements for businesses or other commercial ventures, products, or services are prohibited.
Categories: All items offered for sale must be placed in a For Sale category. Separate categories are provided for listing trailers and associated accessories. Please post your item in the appropriate category.
Required Content: All ads must be complete and include the following elements. Links to external sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay are prohibited.
  • Seller contact information, either private message via forum or personal email or phone. (NOTE: sellers should be aware that new members may not know how to message within the forum. Consider changing your forum Notification Preferences to ensure you receive notification of posts and messages from buyers.)
  • A detailed description (including model, year, and condition if applicable).
  • Photo(s).
  • Approximate location.
  • Asking price.
Transactions:  All transactions are solely between the seller and the buyer, including price negotiations, shipping costs and arrangements, and settling of disputes. Such discussions should be handled via private message or other personal communication and not carried out on the forum. nüCamp, its associates, and forum moderators accept no responsibility or liability for managing or mediating transactions between sellers and buyer.
Ad Removal:  Once an item is sold or no longer available, please add “SOLD” to your title so the post can be removed. Ads older than three months will also be removed.
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