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FYI, we have made some minor updates to the general Forum Rules, and the related Guidelines for Buying and Selling.
The content of the rules has not changed appreciably. The recent edits are primarily to make the wording of the rules consistent with actual practices. In particular...
  • We have removed highly restrictive language prohibiting external links to outside products and services. Members frequently post links that are of interest to other members. This is a useful exchange of information and should continue.
  • We've added language that allows advertising the personal sale of T@B-related products of a craft nature. Such items are occasionally offered for sale or otherwise promoted in discussions. Allowance of this practice has not always been consistent.
Please note that advertising or promoting businesses or other commercial ventures is still prohibited. Moderators reserve the right to make final judgment on such matters, and to edit or delete postings when applicable.

Thank you all for keeping this forum a respectful and pleasant place to socialize and share ideas. Keep on T@bbin!  :-) 
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