Bug and tar remover on ceramic windows?

Busted_11BBusted_11B Member Posts: 16
Is it safe to use bug and tar remover on the ceramic/plastic windows? if not what is a safe alternative?


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    manyman297manyman297 Member Posts: 1,263
    The windows are acrylic. Be careful with some bug/tar remover as it can etch plastic. 
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    BaylissBayliss Member Posts: 1,328
    @Busted_11B, here is a discussion that may be of interest. 

    Read through the entire discussion.  I used "Goo Gone" to remove some stickers from the acrylic windows when I purchased my trailer (in 2019), and also have used it on the aluminum body to remove tree sap.  BUT, as always, before using any product, test it first on an inconspicuous area of the acrylic window.  ALSO, never use a corrosive or acetone-based product on acrylic or plastic.  

    Safe Adhesive Removal From Window ? (vanillacommunity.com)

    Below is what the manufacturer Acryform Home – Plastoform (acryform.com) (formerly, Plastoform) advises [NOTE: the below instructions were posted online when the manufacturer was Plastoform.]  You can always send a message to them to see what they say, but an earlier response they provided is included in the discussion link I provided above.

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    MickerlyMickerly Member Posts: 369
    Keep the bug or bird evidence wet for a while. I will soften and come off with some rubbing. I use carwash soap for cleaning and a "spray-and-wipe" wax to make the windows nonstick. Bugs wipe off ease then.
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