Anyone know anything about these Vevor 2 step retractable RV stairs?

Has anyone tried or have thoughts about this Vevor 2 step retractable RV stairs as a replacement on the older 320? 


I busted my original step on a rock and removed them a few years ago. I’ve been looking for a low profile replacement ever since (never liked the originals anyway). I’ve got a 2014 CS-S lifted to boondock height by NuCamp.


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    BaylissBayliss Member Posts: 1,328
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    @StepheninDen, I like the idea (assuming the lower step rides high enough above the ground), but before you consider purchasing the step made by Vevor, make sure the mounting brackets will align with your current bolts.

    When I purchased my 2019 T@B, I had asked the dealer to switch out the old steps for the newer version.  They removed my step only to soon realize the newer version would not fit.  I believe it isn't a matter of just moving the bolts, because the heads of the bolts (carriage bolts?) are concealed by the vinyl flooring, which would have to be cut/lifted to access the bolts.  The only other possible option would be inserting new bolts, but the heads would be visible.

    If you have the same step I have, it is made by Elkhart Tool and Die.  I took a look at their website and found that they may have just what you need to get around the installation concern (again, assuming the bracket aligns with your current bolt configuration.)

    Elkhart Tool and Die™ | RV Steps, Jacks, Fittings, Door Hinges - CAMPERiD.com

    Whoops!! - - UPDATE (06-10-2024): I took another look at the site.  It is OUT OF STOCK and "unavailable until further notice."  Sorry about that, but maybe it is worth calling the company to see if it is ever likely to be back on the market.

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    StepheninDenStepheninDen Member Posts: 38
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    Thanks @bayliss! The width of the vevor steps is different so I would almost definitely need some kind of adapter bracket to use the existing bolts which doesn’t seem too difficult. Probably just a metal plate with holes drilled for both patterns. Attach the steps to that first then use the existing bolts to attach to the TAB? What do people think? 

    If I buy new steps, I’d rather get a design that I like. Otherwise I think I prefer my current freestanding step to the Elkhart design. I think the scissor retractable design of these matches the TAB better. Anybody know anything about the quality of Vevor products?
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