Removing fabric from valance?

Has anyone removed the padded fabric from the valance above the windows? I have the new 2015 [email protected] and am interested in removing the fabric form the valance. It is stapled in a few spots, but I'm wondering if it is glued to the wood? Us anyone tried this?


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    We replaced the valance above the windows on our 2012 "L" [email protected]  We found the board was unfinished and not the Birch finish wood.  If memory serves the pad and fabric was not glued.

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    Great. Thank you! I'm thinking that I might take it off and sand it and paint it.
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    I didn't like the fabric on mine, but instead of taking it off, I cut a piece of colored vinyl to fit and glued it over the existing fabric with basting spray.  Has been there a long time with no problem.  If I ever decide to sell or trade the trailer, I can just pull it off and have the original still on.

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    Thanks for the comments on this,. I have wondered what it looked like underneath. I like the idea of upholstering over the existing fabric.

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    I sort of stumbled into this project after removing the window screen units and thought "now would be a great time" to change that whole shelf out for one made from cherry and ditch the fabric look on my 2015 [email protected]

    I removed the valance after searching the forum to unearth any information I could find on how it was installed, etc., which is why I included this on this thread.  For those of you who have wondered since 2014 I thought I'd provide an update...inquiring minds want to know and I'm convinced there is at least one other [email protected] owner waiting for this info :D  

    Word of caution here, I can only attest to how "my" valance was attached.  Construction methods and techniques can change at any point during the manufacturing process, and hopefully it's always something that raises the quality bar and makes our [email protected]'s even better.

    I found essentially 4 pieces to my driver side valance (passenger side at a later date).  There is the
    (a) vertical finished wood tailpiece, (b) the horizontal plywood piece that makes the bottom of the shelf, (c) the horizontal plywood piece covered with fabric that makes the side of the shelf and (d) a small "nailing block" at the front of the valance under the A/C unit.
    Parts "a", "b" and "d" attach directly to the wall of the camper with pocket screws.  In the factory these would have been installed first.  Part "c", the plywood piece is first covered with fabric which is stapled on the back side.  Then it is held in place and brad nails are shot through the fabric into the face edge of part "b".  At the rear of the valance two brads are shot through the face of part "a" into the edge of the fabric covered side piece.  Viola!

    So, if someone wanted to change the fabric on their [email protected] that was built EXACTLY like mine you could just pry off the fabric covered piece.  I would suggest you start by unscrewing the 2 pocket screws that hold the tailpiece to the wall.  Then you can pry off the fabric covered piece which will leave the the bottom of the shelf (b) still attached to the wall.  Once you have the fabric covered piece and the tailpiece off you can remove the tailpiece so you are free to work on all those staples holding the fabric.  There is only 2 small brads holding the tailpiece on and I doubt it would stay in place while you replace the fabric.

    If you wanted to go back with just wood for the side you can chuck the fabric covered piece because the wood behind it would not work for a finished wood look.  A piece of maple or birch can be finished to closely match the look and color of the tailpiece.

    I expect to find similar assembly techniques used on the passenger side.

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