Using T@B 320 PahaQue tent and visor on a T@B 400

I have a 2015 T@B S-Maxx and am thinking about upgrading to a T@B 400. When I bought my trailer, I went a bit over-board and bought just about every PahaQue accessory you can think of (yeah- I was just a bit excited!). Does anyone know if any of these accessories will fit on the 400? 
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  • VernaVerna Member Posts: 6,878
    I cannot remember where I saw the photo, but I have seen a T@B 400 with the Visor XL on it.

    And, I agree with Boo in that the Keder rail is the same size. I think the Visor and the awning would work well, but you'd have to discuss the dimensions with PahaQue to see if the tent would work.

    Actually, you can get attachments to the awning to make it almost like the tent, so that would be an alternative to the tent. 
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    I agree with @Verna, and would definitely check with PahaQue as to the fit for the tent. I know for even the newer CSS models with the rear tent, they had to add a fix for the fitment on the side gap sealing to the trailer, so it surely wouldn't hurt to ask first. Better to be safe, than find out it won't work, or you end up with a REALLY poor fitment. Just my opinion. ;)  
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  • ScottGScottG Administrator Posts: 5,408
    I'm also thinking the awning would work, though if the 400 is taller the sides of the awning may not quite reach the ground in the back. If you wanted the sides down, you would probably need to stake out the flaps with a short bungee or other cording.
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  • TabTimeTabTime Member Posts: 9
    Just spent about 2 hrs trying to see if the Pahaque side mounted tent bought for our former Tab 320 Sofitel would fit on our now Tab 400 Boondock. No mas. It does not fit. We guess we will consider posting a trade on the sale posts.
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