Wiring Diagram for the Two Golf-Cart Battery Setup

I've got two Trojan T-105s in the garage awaiting installation in the Jenn Grover-approved battery box that will be mounted on one side of the Outback platform on my 2016 Max S Outback trailer. I would love to see the link to a wiring diagram showing the two golf-cart battery setup with a cut-off switch and Zamp port (per Grover). I've seen reference to it in the posts, but haven't found it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


  • BertBert Posts: 81Member
    Thanks, pthomas745. I appreciated the photo of the wiring on the two golf-cart battery setup by Normfun (your top link).

    My challenge is I see one red, several white, and at least one black wire coming from a variety of different directions. I would hope to see a schematic (not necessarily as sophisticated as the one showing two solar panels and two golf-cart batteries on your bottom link) or a photo with labels indicating what each wire is going to and pointing out the negative and positive terminals of each battery. 

    I would also like to know whether I should put the battery cut-off switch on the positive wire between the trailer and the batteries or on the negative wire between the trailer ground and the batteries. If there's no definitive answer, I'd like to know the advantages of each approach so I can decide which of the two wires to cut.
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    The battery cut off  switch question has been discussed.  Hot topic.  I can tell you that the dealers are placing them on the positive wire.  Make sure you drive with the battery unisolated so your emergebcy break away brakes are active.
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  • BertBert Posts: 81Member
    Thanks, SAM. I'll probably follow the dealer's approach unless I see a compelling argument not to. I think it best for the installation to be one that might be familiar to a dealer.

    I will probably be able to remember to keep the battery cutoff switch set to "On" when driving because I would want to charge the battery from the TV or keep the refrigerator set to 12V while I'm driving. I'm not necessarily going to remember to switch the battery to "Off" when storing the Tab, which has cost me one battery already.
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