[email protected] 400 U Camp hit a home run!

DalehelmanDalehelman Posts: 1,890Member
Just watched a thirty minute video on You Tube of the 400. What a beautifully thought out trailer. The only thing that I would say might be an issue is the inability to have the twin bed set up. The [email protected] 400  virtually has everything. From lighting to storage to headroom in a still  relatively small package. The single axel still allows  maneuverability when unhooked from the tow vehicle. Having said all that. I would not trade our 2015 Sofitel. What we wanted was all of the comforts of a large RV in the smallest possible package. Something I can park in my garage at home. Without a doubt the 400 should be a smashing success. Their owners should feel very proud. I look forward to seeing many of them at up coming rallies.
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