Ask Subaru to up it's Game

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We didn't feel comfortable towing in the mountains with our 4 cylinder Forester, so sold it and switched to a 4Runner. While we like it for towing, we really love Subaru products. I sent an email to Subaru America, asking them for a design that would tow 3500-5000# so we could return to the fold. I encourage anyone else who feels the same to send a message too. I recall another member doing something similar. Might not help, but can't hurt. Here is the polite reply I received: 
"Your suggestion about increasing the towing capabilities for our lineup is both welcomed and appreciated. I have documented your feedback and will forward it to our product development management team for further review. The most valued opinion of any business is that of its customers. Your comments are valuable to us in that they provide us with a clear picture of our products as seen by our owners."
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