Undo "Mark All Viewed"?

I accidentally hit "Mark All Viewed" and it has grayed threads I haven't read. Is there a way to Undo this? Also, what is the purpose of this "feature"?  Thanks!
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  • VernaVerna Posts: 4,639Administrator
    The purpose is to get rid of the highlighting of the threads you haven't read.

    Sorry, there are no re-do's--once you hit the "Mark All Viewed" you can't get the highlighting back. 
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  • HalooHaloo Posts: 128Member
    Thanks Verna. Kinda weird though. But I'm getting used to logging out then back in via Google so the Categories menu shows up again. So I can handle having all the threads grayed out until someone posts again.  :) 

    I love the ambiance of this forum. Hope to have our 400 by the end of October!
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  • jgram2jgram2 Posts: 833Associate Member
    @Haloo well that's a pain in the patooty. Does the same thing happen with safari?
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  • HalooHaloo Posts: 128Member
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    Yep. I'm using Safari on an iPad Pro set to Always Allow Cookies. At least I figured out how to sign in. I have to go through Google. The forum sign in doesn't work for me. If the categories don't appear, I log out and sign in again using Google, and the Categories show up again.

    While I was trying to figure out how to get signed in I touched “Mark All Viewed.”  Now threads are grayed until someone posts something new on them. But, at least I can get signed in now, and the grayed threads are readable. 

    You folks are worth the hassle though.  :)
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