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Anyone know if NuCamp has considered making an Outback version of the [email protected] 400?  We like our 320 Outback, don't want to give up the extra clearance, and much prefer its interior wall coverings, upholstery and flooring to what we've seen in the current 400.  But a little extra space would be nice...


  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Posts: 2,171Administrator
    I'm not sure this would be possible since the back window seems to come stock?   Am sure it could be eliminated in place of a rear rack, but would the difference in size make the rack less accessible??  Maybe a 400 owner could pick up here?  
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  • jgram2jgram2 Posts: 833Associate Member
    I confirmed the standard 400 comes with a "pitched axle" like the Boondock (outback) for slightly higher clearance. I've read 4" higher, and 2" higher than the 320, but do not have a definitive answer.
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  • atlasbatlasb Posts: 304Member
    I would not give up the rear window!  Great to see all the way through when towing.  Plus the extra ventilation is great.  The 400 seems to be a bit big to be pulling off road to me.  Spending time in the 400 lets you see why Nu Camp crafted it like they did.  We just love ours and feel that more as we are able to enjoy it!
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  • TabfortwoTabfortwo Posts: 97Member
    Do you know the hitch height on the 400
  • atlasbatlasb Posts: 304Member
    The top of the ball measurement for us is approx. 19 inches.  We have a 2 inch drop hitch that we had down below the receiver for our  320.  With the 400 I turned it over so the ball is above the receiver.  Before I added the Timbren SES springs, the tongue weight would drop the ball about 2 inches.  With the addition of the springs, we are back to level.  The tongue weight is some what more than for the 320's depending on what you carry and where. 
    2018 [email protected] 400, 2016 Nissan Frontier Crew cab
  • TabfortwoTabfortwo Posts: 97Member
    Perfect thank you. Picking it up today 
  • atlasbatlasb Posts: 304Member
    Congrats [email protected]!  We know you will love it and the learning curve is about to begin.  Get a notebook, put all the paper work and manuals in it and carry it in the 4oo with you.  It will be invaluable! Don't forget to send in all your warranty cards.
    2018 [email protected] 400, 2016 Nissan Frontier Crew cab
  • laetuloslaetulos Posts: 13Member
    Apparently there is a kit to add 3 inches to the 400s ground clearance, I'm having this installed right now so I can get into my favorite campsite (I tried without it, even took the tire off, couldn't do it).
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