Canadian [email protected]/[email protected] (teardrop) Rally?


Has there been any interest in a [email protected], [email protected], teardrop rally in Canada?

I live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and I know of an ideal location near to the city and countryside, so you would get the best of both worlds. Close to the border for our US friends and sort of central for Ontario and Quebec. Should I mention the US dollar goes a long way here in Canada?

I stated this before somewhere but I'm bit of a shoulder season camper and I think a September rally would work best with fall colours and all. Days are still warm, nights are cool and the summer crowds have departed.

I can work out details, pricing and the venue availability would be great (power and water hookups).

2017 [email protected] S Max
2016 Toyota Venza 3.5V6
2012 ShihPoo White


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