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CCGACCGA Posts: 11Member

What electric brake system is used on a 2018 320S, electric-hydraulic or electro-magnet?

2018 320S Boondock-2016  Nissan Frontier V6 King Cab

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  • DalehelmanDalehelman Posts: 1,524Member
    Electro-magnetic unless they have made a very  recent change. I don’t know of any electric- hydraulic systems used on small trailers. Only hydraulic  surge brakes. 
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  • CCGACCGA Posts: 11Member
    Thanks, I just received my Primus IQ Brake Controller in the mail, and it is not for electric-hydraulic brakes.

    2018 320S Boondock-2016  Nissan Frontier V6 King Cab

    Chuck & Carol

  • jrsladjrslad Posts: 15Member
    what type of brake system is on the 2015 [email protected] Max S, got a Tekonsha P3 to install on my 2017 Toyota Highlander and wonder what I should be aware of.
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    @jrslad, I found that in my 2015 Colorado that when first starting out, the trailer brakes are a bit grabby and I'll dial it down. It helps to go around the block a few times and riding the brakes a tad to smooth things out and then turning the controller up to right where you don't feel the trailer trying to brake your tow vehicle (sorta hard with a light trailer, but you'll feel a tug). That's my experience with the P3. There are also several settings in the P3. Make sure you have the one suggested for single axle. 

    I know this may sound obvious and I'm not trying to be snarky or insulting. I'm hoping it doesn't come off this way!! I'm going to say it because I care about your safety and the safety of the people around you. Please read the manual about the best setting to put your single axle trailer on and how to test your system. Get familiar with it in an empty parking lot. You'll feel way more confident on the road! 

    Peace of mind and knowing you'll be enjoying your next escape in your sweet trailer is worth it all! <3
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  • fischertechfischertech Posts: 1Member
    I had my passenger side electric brake remain locked up after braking on the freeway. Other side spun just fine after my brakes were released. Using F-150 Tow package. Pulled over inspected. pulled forward still locked. Finally disconnected the tow power cable and seemed to release the one wheel lock up. The driver side wheel remain to function properly in this whole ordeal. Also discovered the trailers do not come with a tire lug wrench. Reconnected the tow electrical cable and all is fine so far. If anyone has any insight on this malfunction I would like know. 2018 [email protected] S outback. Of course all this damaged the tire. Tread is scraped off on one side from the smoking skid. Tire did not pop yet. Now I can't find the tire to replace it. Westlake CR857+ ST235/75R15. Westlake website does not have it either. So annoying. I called nucamp and they did agree it most likely an issue with the magnet solenoid stuck. Don't know if its electrical stuck or mechanically stuck. Both wheels would meant the tow package controller is the issue.  


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