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As the seasons change it is time to take a minute and reflect.  We are grateful and thankful for a lot this year.  Greatful for the Management, Staff and Craftsmen of NU Camp and for the wonderful, special products they produce and support.  Both are above the rest of the pack and we salute them.  Thankful for being able to own and use their wonderful products and for the Forum and it's staff that continually improve and create it.  Thankful for all those fellow [email protected] and NU Camp owners for sharing their knowledge and information. 

As the seasons progress on, we wish to express that we all share in the reasons for this time of the year and enjoy.  Be safe in all your travels and take time to spend some time with others.

Fred, Donna Jaxson and Hoku
2018 [email protected] 400, 2016 Nissan Frontier Crew cab


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