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we have a CS-S and were using a 2 inch memory foam topper. That works ok but it is cumbersome and heavy and pain to move around if you reset the bed to living quarters. So I had been looking for an air mat to fit the 58 by 70 inch space. I found this on amazon and set it up today. looks like it will work. There is enough foam in this air mat to make it bendable so I tucked the 2 inches of extra length in between the wall and cushions. If you want a picture let me know. This will be more robust and easier to use, lighter weight all while softening the cushions a bit. I like that they are firm because it is easier to soften them then to firm them up to your preference.


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    Was this product thick enough?  We tried a 2" foam topper and found it still too hard on our aging backs and hips.
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    I just saw something at Target that would be a space saver.  It is a Thermarest Z  foam pad that folds up into a rectangular block that is 20 inches x 5.5 inches.  Not sure if this would offer more comfort than a foam topper and it would take 3 of them to cover the CS mattress dimension, but they really store nicely.  We use a heavy mattress pad sandwiched into sheets like a duvet.  It folds up nicely and can rest on the rear of the benches and a couple bed slats.
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