Recommendations for place to get custom mods in DC/MD/VA

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It seems each year I love my little [email protected] just a little bit more, but Im looking to do some custom mods. I'm about 75 miles from Beckley's in Thumont MD and about 60 miles from Safford RV in Fredericksburg (now bought out by Camping World) Im wondering if anyone has any recommendations for getting custom work done. Im not dead set on taking it to a [email protected] dealership and I was kind of hoping to maybe find a private individual or a small business to do the work. 



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    There's an RV repair place in Greenbelt that may do custom work. The guy who runs Queenstown RV and Marine (parts store in College Park) can give you directions to it. The repair place and the parts store used to be affiliated (or still might be).
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    Robyn, What type of mods. are you considering? Wood work requires one set of skills while sewer hose storage, additional fans, solar, etc. require another. I have had some work done in Waynesboro, Va with very good results and there is a nice campground in the area. One shop is very small only father and son but they do good work.
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    Thanks for thr suggestions.  They sound promising.  Im looking to have some carpentry work and some minor electrical.  I was planning to try to enclose underneath, but I have since decided on making a custom rv skirt instead. I guess I really just need a good carpenter.
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