Is there a power disconnect on the 2018 [email protected]?


  • brookingsbrookings Posts: 35Member
    Does anyone know if the 2018 tab has a way to disconnect power. 
  • SAMSAM Posts: 2,140Member
    Do you mean a battery cut-off switch?  Can you update your signature line so we know the year and model of your TaB and tow vehicle?
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  • IslandJoIslandJo Posts: 47Member
    My 2018 came with a cutoff switch. I think it is standard now. It's the red knob in the front tub behind the battery. 
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  • rcuomorcuomo Posts: 90Member
    Our 2018 [email protected] built in April has the battery cutoff switch in the front tub. As IslandJo mentioned, it is now standard equipment. 
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  • MarcelineMarceline Posts: 252Member
    boo said:
    The only way to completely kill the power to the T&B is to remove the power cord and disconnect the battery cables.
    Most T&B owners install a battery cut off switch. It is an easy and inexpensive mod. Cut off switches can be purchased at auto parts stores.
    If you are not familiar with them, go to YouTube and see "installing a battery cut off switch".
    For those of us without a cutoff switch pulling the fuse from the line connecting the battery to the trailer is an easier solution that disconnecting the battery cables. 
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