Resource Category Improvements

I've been toying with ideas for sprucing up the "Resources" category to make it more of a comprehensive and accessible library of useful materials. This could include:

- Seeking out and posting resources that have been lost in other threads in different categories.
- Retitling discussions for consistency and clarity, and to facilitate searches.
- Crediting authors and original posters.
- Adding disclaimers where required.
- Eliminating extraneous commentary.
- Checking and fixing links, or replacing links with original files.

I'm not sure exactly how this will evolve, but it will likely involve some "new" threads popping up in the category. Be aware that these may not necessarily represent new information, just information that has been refiled for organizational purposes!


  • ScottGScottG Posts: 1,989Moderator
    If you've poked around this category lately, you will see that I've tackled the bulk of this project.

    I discovered along the way that forum layouts don't inherently lend themselves to organizing and filing. I ultimately settled on an approach that treats discussion threads as overall topics (for example "Winterizing") and places each resource in a separate comment within the thread. This keeps the total number of threads to a minimum, and allows similar resources to be grouped under one heading. Hopefully this will facilitate locating things a bit more quickly when you want them.

    Since this category is not really intended for general discussion, I've closed most of the topics after cleaning them up. Please post questions or comments about particular resources in the appropriate discussion category. If you have comments or suggestions about the resource category itself, feel free to post them in this thread.
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