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I was wondering if someone could be so kind to let me know if they have had experiences with running two generators - specifically the Yamaha 2K - in parallel to operate the air conditioning. My understanding with the 400 is that the air conditioning needs minimally a 2.8K for it to run. I have one Yamaha 2K (approximately 3 years old) and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get another to run with it. You cannot camp down here when the temps start to climb without it, and if I want to increase camping site possibilities away from state parks, I will need to be able to run the air to help with the comfort level. One 3K generator is out of the question as I do most all setting up and breaking down myself. I can see possible disk problems in the future if I bought one and tried to load and unload it by myself.

What I am curious about if you have experience with running two units in parallel are:

1. noise level of running two relatively quite generators together (the Yamaha is a fairly quiet generator until it spools up).

2. the running time and gas consumption of running air off of two units.

3. If you have experience with the Yamaha, what is your thoughts on it as opposed to others?

Prior to the 400, my air in my truck campers were small enough that I could run them with just the one generator - only if I started the air at it's lowest setting and gradually increased it so it didn't get hit by the compressor right off the bat. Of course, you had to turn off all other electrical dependent functions when you did that.


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  • sophiesdadsophiesdad Posts: 9Member
    I ordered and received the Easystart (https://www.microair.net/products/easystart-364-3-ton-single-phase-soft-starter-for-air-conditioners?variant=30176048267) and hope to install it around the first week in April when I take the 400 out of storage.  I have the Honda 2K from my 320S and did not want to lug around two gensets.  I'll update after install and testing to let you know how things turn out.
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  • robptrobpt Posts: 90Member
    @sophiesdad, great! I will be looking forward to your update. I too do not really want to have to lug around two generators, nor do I want to lug around one very heavy one.
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  • robptrobpt Posts: 90Member
    Hmmm... reading up at the Microair site about different generators and starting capabilities, my older version of the Yamaha ef2000is has a harder time with the surge on startup, even with the Easystart installed. It may still not be enough to start the air while supplying juice to the refrigerator and recharge the battery at the same time.

    I will either have to go parallel, or spring for a newer generator with the Easystart, which by looking at the wiring diagram for the Coolcat, should be easy to do. Question now on which direction to go...
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  • sophiesdadsophiesdad Posts: 9Member
    Easystart installed and running fine on my Honda 2K, leave it in ecomode with no problems.   Saved money and backaches.
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  • robptrobpt Posts: 90Member
    @sopiesdad, thanks for updating on your success! I will be attempting this myself in the near future and selling off my older Yamaha generator. Only having to transport one generator (which I think will have the propane conversion done to it) will make things much simpler.
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  • RamseyRamsey Posts: 6Member
    Honda has new 2200 watt  runs a/c better than my 2000 did. Same size and weight. 
  • JeffinnhJeffinnh Posts: 9Member
    Has anyone tried the Honda 2200ic on the [email protected] 400 AC without a soft start assist? The AC unit runs on around 1350 watts with a start I am guessing around 2150. watts.  
  • Justin_in_SeattleJustin_in_Seattle Posts: 47Member
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    @sophiesdad, thanks for the report of success with your 2K in a 400. May I ask what altitude where you at? (I ask because at high altitudes a generator loses efficiency and a genset that starts an A/C unit at sea level might not start the same A/C unit in Denver.) 
    My family and I need something that will work at 6,000 ft camping on Mt. Rainier.
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  • DrewcarrieDrewcarrie Posts: 27Member
    Yamaha dealer at national supply said I would have to get two 2k suitcases to run mine at higher altitude. Nucamp didnt have much on this except Creed always recommends the bigger ones for a 400. The new 2000isv2 is better on the surge. Don’t mix the cheaper Costco one w a real Yamaha . They won’t link together. Haven’t been able to use ac yet during first year above my garage at 4K . Overload light came on on my first try at 7k. Now I know I need two at $1700. Easier to maneuver. 
  • NorthIsUpNorthIsUp Posts: 35Member
    I live at 6k feet and have a 2019 400 BL.  I purchased a Honda eu2200i and ran the a/c and fridge at near max cold fridge temperature.  I haven't turned on the Alde yet, so nothing to say yet about that.  The red overload light comes the Honda on for a second upon a/c startup, but it runs fine in eco mode after that.  I've only done this for two nights, so I'm not totally convinced it'll operate on super hot days.  It did handle 90 degrees in our low humidity environment. 
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  • gooddogs74gooddogs74 Posts: 76Member
    I have a [email protected] 400 and 2 Honda 2200s.  They run fine in parallel, they're quiet and I can lift them easily myself.   I can't say I've used them enough times to give you average running times.
  • DrewcarrieDrewcarrie Posts: 27Member
    See if nucamp or my trailer company in slc had a clue and told us we would need two from the beginning I wouldn’t have been frustrated. Another rv company said forget  slow start, and we just need two. Done
  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Posts: 3,096Moderator
    @Drewcarrie and other 400 owners, please communicate your findings re best generators for running A/C and +/- at elevation.  Marvin at [email protected]  They can share this info with dealers and other 400 owners who pose the question.   Your experience is important.  No sense in new owners reinventing the wheel and all that.

    NuCamp does it’s best to assist owners.  However, they are not in the generator business.   I am not surprised that a manufacturer at 1000 feet elevation doesn’t know which is the best generator arrangement for A/C.  

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