dual generators

I was wondering if someone could be so kind to let me know if they have had experiences with running two generators - specifically the Yamaha 2K - in parallel to operate the air conditioning. My understanding with the 400 is that the air conditioning needs minimally a 2.8K for it to run. I have one Yamaha 2K (approximately 3 years old) and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get another to run with it. You cannot camp down here when the temps start to climb without it, and if I want to increase camping site possibilities away from state parks, I will need to be able to run the air to help with the comfort level. One 3K generator is out of the question as I do most all setting up and breaking down myself. I can see possible disk problems in the future if I bought one and tried to load and unload it by myself.

What I am curious about if you have experience with running two units in parallel are:

1. noise level of running two relatively quite generators together (the Yamaha is a fairly quiet generator until it spools up).

2. the running time and gas consumption of running air off of two units.

3. If you have experience with the Yamaha, what is your thoughts on it as opposed to others?

Prior to the 400, my air in my truck campers were small enough that I could run them with just the one generator - only if I started the air at it's lowest setting and gradually increased it so it didn't get hit by the compressor right off the bat. Of course, you had to turn off all other electrical dependent functions when you did that.


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