Hello from Massachusetts!

Hello Travelers,
My sister and I recently purchased a 2006 DM (no bathroom) and we are excited to gear up for the good weather! We plan to change the bed into two twins (I posted some questions under twin bed in the modifications thread....I hope someone will respond). I just noticed the floor right inside the door has become soft (uh oh....already read a lot of posts about possible fixes for that). I've been pretty obsessed about storage solutions and I have a general question for you. Where the heck do you store your clothes?  I noticed on our first camping trip that the fridge heats up the cabinets right next to it so I didn't want to put the food in there so I moved it into the closet. Then the closet became a mish mash of clothes and food which offended my sensibilities ;). Those little cabinets next to the sink don't hold much. The dog food and random stuff took up that space. Then the clothes stuffed into the back cabinets kept falling out when I opened the doors. We're not using the water tank because lifting it out of the cabinet is too cumbersome for us, and plan to do our cooking outside and use the inside stove for morning tea/coffee. Perhaps in the future we will modify the outside of the [email protected] to allow easier access to that tank and then we will have running water. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated! Laughing is also acceptable. Thanks and see you on the road!
Debora from Beverly, MA
2006 DM and TV 2006 Ford Escape
2006 T16-1 U-shape and TV 2006 Ford Explorer


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