I love my clamshell, but this came to me in a dream

it solves the crawl over your loved one on the way to the bathroom for the second time. for me it would have to 4 lithium battle born batteries, 1500 watt inverter, storage box in the apex, no wood look interior...better trailing arm suspension and a new wind directing front end cowling to go a top the tear drop bend to create more aerodynamic performance


  • mannymanny Posts: 90Member
    Hi, Tabnero you read my mine,,  love our clamshell.. also leave the the exterior height at maybe 94 inches.. ( I have a 8 ft. garage opening)..   I don`t understand why they are going for bigger units..  i.e.  Avia...   IMHO
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    I have a similar thought, but take the current 400 and lenghten it just enough to run the bed lengthwise with the trailer.  Everything else would work out perfect.

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    @sranderle I agree!  Make the 400 two feet longer, run the bed N-S and make it a true queen (60"x80"), and recurve the back end so that it doesn't drop so close to the bed.  Might have to move the window higher up towards the top of the unit also.  This would also allow a little more room for the dinette.
  • kybobkybob Posts: 222Member
    I wish that nuCamp would make a twin bed 400. The current layout of the 400 doesn't work for my wife and I. 
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  • ontheroadontheroad Posts: 94Member
    Just add a few feet ( 1 ft for bed....1 for shoilet) for the existing clamshell....bigger bed...sink like the 400 in a slightly larger shoilet...please keep the existing storage in the clamshell...oh and amicrowave in the galley😁
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