18 Months Full Time and Just Getting Started

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I wanted to report that I've been FT camping in my 2007 DM [email protected] for 18 months in Thousand Trails campgrounds and I'm so happy I can hardly believe it. I usually stay for 3 weeks at a time (the limit for my lifetime membership) and set up a complex camp with the awning, hippie panels, rugs, tables, dog fencing, lighting, etc. I've been mostly in California and Oregon, but am now in New Orleans, and will spend winter in Florida and spring and summer exploring the East Coast. I love having my Durango for visiting folks and sightseeing. I am warmly welcomed at every campground and RV park I stay at. They love having me there and I fit into any possible site. I thought I'd bring disgrace to the places with my hippie ways, but I actually class up the joint. That's what [email protected] do. They make any campground better. The only thing that looks junky is my awning, which is faded and brittle from being fried in the desert sun. I've lived and learned. No more camping in full sun in the summer desert. Duh. When I get a new awning it will again match the beauty of the [email protected] In the beginning of my travels, I thought sure I'd be craving a 400. And maybe I should be. But I'm so content in my little pod. Who knew?

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