Help! Propane pigtail replacement type?

Argh! Help! I’ve accidentally twisted the pigtail hose that connects the propane tank to the regulator a little bit too far and hisssss...! I’ve developed a leak in the hose in my 2018 320S.

Two questions: 
(1) what type of hose is it? An “inverted male flare” or “male NPT”? I could check myself but....

(2) How does one get the dang hose OFF?? My wrench is slipping on the nut!

I’m in the middle of a 2,200 mile trip at the moment and have pulled into an RV Park so at least I can run my Alde on electricity (it’s well below freezing here, so excuse the road grime and bad picture quality!)

2018 [email protected] Max S silver and black (aka [email protected]), Full-timing since July 2017


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