Prodigy Prodigy P3 setting?

New to this forum.  Just purchasing my first ever camper trailer...  and of course it's a Tab! The 320S model. I have installed the Prodigy P3 on my Kia Sorento.  My question...
What power setting is suited to the weight of a Tab 320? Power setting ranges from 0.0 to 10.0, and it's important to get the correct setting to avoid brakes locking etc.
Will be towing for the first time tomorrow, so any other help advice would be great.


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    Congrats on the 320S.  I don't have a Sorento, but use 5.5-6.5 on our P3... it varies by vehicle.
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    In my Prodigy instruction manual, it has the "boost" setup procedure, so you should try to check that out.  That is the real info you are looking for.  Each car and driver might have different settings.  I had to set mine up a couple of times before I got it completely right.  I have a VW Touareg and I think it is set between 1 and 1.5.    You want to find a nice setting that brakes smoothly, without the Tab dragging behind you, or worse, pushing you down the road.  I run through the procedure the first few minutes when I haven't been out in a while.  Doesn't take long.

    And, welcome to the Forums!

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    Each TT & TV combination will have a different setting due to how each person has loaded their vehicles.
    Whenever I've changed something such as adding weight through people & equipment, I've done a quick test.
    Following the feedback in this review is as good as any.   Gravel test is best.

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    Thanks so much for those responses. I'll follow the manual and the advice above to find the sweet spot for the trailer brakes.  
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    I have found that I have to tweak mine every trip.
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    The answer is it depends.

    There is a procedure in the P3 manual. If you follow that you’ll get it right. If this is a new [email protected] the brakes will loosen up with use and after 100 miles or so you should have the dealer adjust them. You’ll need to readjust the P3 after that.
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