2018 [email protected] 400 subfloor service bulletin!!


We are in the process of purchasing a [email protected] 400 and I noticed on the forum about certain 2018's having issues with the subfloor.  I contacted nuCamp with the VIN # and ours is included in the green core service bulletin.  I am wondering if anyone has had to get there subfloor replaced under this service bulletin.  If so, was it a major deal to get it repaired?  Should we consider purchasing another unit?  The warranty person at nuCamp said it would be repaired if we ever had an issue arise.  No matter when.

Any advice would be appreciated.  This would be our first travel trailer so am a little nervous. 


Mary and Jerry


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    Yes there has been a few get the repair, yes it is major surgery and I think all have been done back at the factory. If you like the 400 and can tow it to factory I wouldn't be afraid of the purchase.
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    We have a 2018 320S that was built with green core and the floor had to be repaired.  This was actually done at the dealer (prior to picking the trailer up) by techs that came from the factory.  The problem with the floor was very obvious, the floor did not lay flat and was bubbled up.  Since the repair, we have not had any further problems.  If the floor looks OK, you might not have any problems in the future.  We did just have some modifications done at the factory and I was very pleased with the service there.  Don't know where you live if a possible trip to the factory is a possibility?
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    We had our subfloor  repaired at our dealer in Texas( Princess Craft) performed by a team from NuCamp.  Contact NuCamp and ask if they will need you to bring or ship the trailer to them or if they have a dealer near you where they (NuCamp) could do the repair with their team.  My understanding is most dealers would not feel comfortable doing the repair and NuCamp can and will do as they say.  Our work was done well and we love our TAB 400!!!   
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    We live in Minnesota.  I don't think there is any problem with the floor right now but I am just concerned about the future.  So you said that nuCamp sent the technicians in to fix it?  That would be nice to know in case we do have an issue.  We are now trying to decide if we should purchase this one or look at some of the other ones.  We really liked this one because it has solar. We will try to call nuCamp again to verify that technicians could be sent if our dealer is not able to fix it should the problem arise.  Thanks for the info!!!
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    Good news, our dealer got another [email protected] 400 in that was identical to the one we were going to buy.  This unit did not have the subfloor problem!! Yeah!!!  Thanks everyone for your input.  So nice to have this forum when issues like this arise. 

    Thanks again,

    Mary and Jerry

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    About how long did it take to get the flooring fixed? Looks like ours is now having issues :/
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    Is this 2018s only?
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