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I was told there was some sort of road service when you buy a new tab. If so who would you call and what does it cover?
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    That’s a new one on me. Did your dealer offer roadside assistance as an incentive? As far as I know, we all investigate that coverage in association with our auto insurance re cost and specific coverage. It appears even same companies coverage differs regionally so read the fine print. If your tow vehicle fails, will your coverage leave your [email protected] on the shoulder or tow/move it to a safe place. Some folks have two policies, like adding Good Sam coverage and their auto insurance. If you search on roadside assistance, you’ll see lots of discussions.
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    Unless it is a bonus provided by your dealer.  Nope,  I spent a bit of time researching and discovered it was provided with my normal insurance policy.   Trailer and tow vehicle towing to nearest appropriate service center and campground.    Tire change on both.     Fuel and jumpstart.......

    Pleasantly surprised.    
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