Water from tap smells like plastic

Hello everyone,

I've got a Tab 320s and have been traveling across country mostly drinking bottled water.  I use tap water to make coffee in the mornings and never noticed any issues.  At my sister's house now and noticing that the coffee smells faintly of plastic, and tried drinking water out of the tap and it too smells of plastic.  I know I should disconnect the hose and try water from that to see whether the issue is inside or outside the Tab, so will do that.  It has been quite hot here (upper 90s) and the Tab is sitting on concrete, as is the hose, and probably for the longest period of the trip, but otherwise, nothing has changed.  I have flushed the freshwater tank (and faucets) now with bleach mixture 2x this season.  Not sure what else I should do.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?



  • pthomas745pthomas745 Posts: 891Member
    What kind of hose are you using?

  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Posts: 4,511Moderator
    Is it the water from your fresh tank that has an odor?  When you fill your fresh tank, do you use a filter?  Where do you attach your filter?  When you sanitize, do you run the bleach water through your plumbing?
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    Hi again,

    I use a camco white water hose -- the one with the blue line.  I am hooked into city water at my sister's house right now.  I tested water just from the hose yesterday and the water from the hose  itself is fine -- no smell.  Then I tested it from the taps again, and the plastic smell was gone.  I even had my sister taste it, and she detected nothing.  I don't know if the heat was making the plastic transfer into the water, or if it was the other water hose that was also attached at the faucet, but in any case, for the time being it is gone.

    I use the filter at RV parks, attached at the faucet rather than the camper.  I hadn't previously used a filter when filling the freshwater tank, but will from now on.  And yes, when I did the sanitization process, I filled the fresh water tank with the bleach solution and then ran it through all of the taps (bypassing the Alde).   And then rinsed until no more bleach smell.

    Thanks for the help, and will obviously get back online if the plastic smell comes back...
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    👍. Glad you are back to normal.  You are doing everything to prevent contamination of your tank and lines.  I think it is smart to also filter the water used to fill your fresh tank.  When we were out in Utah at a State park, there was a lot of minerals in the water and as a result it was hazy.  We made sure we filtered that water at the tap as we did not want any deposits in our hose or tank!
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