Requirements for towing a TAB 320

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I'm looking at buying a used [email protected], but know only what I've read and am unclear about a couple of things:
1.  How does the braking system work?  Do I need to install a brake controller?  How does that work?
2.  I'm will be pulling by a 2 wd Honda Pilot rated up to 3500 lbs.  Do I need a transmission cooler?
3.  Anti-sway or not?
I anticipate the longest initial trips will be less than 400 miles each way.  Longer trips later on.

Thanks for any help!!
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    Newer model TaBs have electric brakes, older models have surge brakes.  Electric brakes require a controller.  The controller sends a signal from your TV brakes through the 7 pin harness to your trailer.  Some controllers require a brake wire as part of the 7 pin, others do not.  You have several choices of controllers 1) a controller mounted under your dash of your TV 2) a controller that mounts on your trailer frame and operates via radio frequency.  There are other brake controller options as well.

    Most owners of 320s do not use anti-sway devices.  On our small trailers, an appropriate sized TV, correct cargo loading/tongue weight and slower speeds prevents sway.
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    To monitor transmission temps buy a ScanGauge II or similar.  Also when highway driving do not go into overdrive if your concerned about transmission temps.  Maintaining a 1:1 gear ratio will help keep temps down (transmission will shift less).
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