A [email protected] Dealer that will blow your mind he's so good - highly recommend!

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I wanted to share my experience with my dealer for anyone looking to purchase a [email protected] camper.  I am a first time trailer owner.  I had purchased the [email protected] 400 from Beckley's Camping Center, Paul Chamberlain, who I cannot say enough nice things about.  They are my closest dealer, and that's still 5 hours away.  After buying the camper, doing the walk through (the entire day he spent with me) it was too late for me to drive the 5 hours back home so he hooked me up to shore power and let me spend the night outside the gate at his lot. That night, I was having second thoughts. I was not 100% sure I had made the right choice but I had already made the deal.  I thought that was going to be a very uncomfortable conversation and was pretty sure I was going to be told, "too late, you bought it" but Paul totally got it, and is about a nice a person you will ever meet (I mean....we've all seen his YouTube videos, Paul "The Air Force Guy" Chamberlain, he's actually much funnier in person and has a full head of thick hair you never see under the hat! LOL!).  He helped me find the "right" camper for me.  No pressure at all and boy, does he know his stuff.  He talks the talk and walks the walk.  I ended up getting the 320-S Boondock 2020 and it was absolutely the right choice for me.   Then he spent ANOTHER entire day with me teaching me about that camper, hitching it up, operating the controls. The ENTIRE DAY, and gave me his cell phone to call with any questions or issues.  And I did, late at night no less with a question on the Alde. Paul picked right up and helped me navigate my issue.  He has also put together a big thick indexed binder for his customers that covers absolutely everything about the [email protected] and goes over everything in the binder with you.  Being a new owner, I had every dumb question you can think of from hitching up to towing to operating the controls.  He was patient and explained it all and showed me everything I needed to know.  Drove with me to show me how to navigate with a trailer, took me by obstacles to get me used to borrowing a lane, showed me how to back up. Not only that, but I was camping the next night not far from them in Thurmont and Paul said he would be happy to stop by just to make sure everything was okay.  The guys at the dealership said that's just the way Paul is, he treats all his customers like this.  I don't know if this is how all dealers operate having never bought an RV before but I was blown away.  I mean BLOWN AWAY.  I've never in my life met a salesperson like Paul.  I drove 5 hours to go to Beckley's because it's my closest dealer but I'd drive 3 days if I had to to get this kind of service.  Kudos to Paul Chamberlain! 


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    This kind of dealership is NOT the norm in the RV industry unfortunately.  Kudos to this dealership!  We need more like him.  You should send an e-mail to nuCamp re your wonderful experience.  They need to hear about the good & the bad.  It's worth a 5 hour drive to get good service during & after the sale.
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    I bought my [email protected] 320S Boondock Edge from Beckley's... I didn't have Paul ("The Air Force Guy")  but had an excellent experience.. Actually talked to Paul when my salesperson didn't have the answer to something and Paul was on point with the info.

    Beckley's was great..  when I brought my Tow Vehicle in they noticed that I had the right amount of drop but my trailer hitch was a bit short so I could not drop the tailgate fully with the trailer connected.. they just fitted it with the right length (an extra couple inches extended hitch)  so it would work.. they anticipated the issue and proactively jut fixed it.

    They were excellent and no pressure  all the way through.. And Their guys over in the camping store "Statler and Waldorf" were a hoot.. 

    I Highly recommend Beckley's.. they are my closest dealer (for NuCamp stuff) the next closest being Road Trip Camping down near Charlottesville, VA (nice guy.. looked at some Aliners there... might have gone back for a [email protected] but Beckley's had the exact model I wanted on the lot and they spent a bunch of time with me on it where I had been looking at a different make/model down at Road Trip)

    Anyway, yes, Beckley's is a good dealership and really impressed me.


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    In February of this year we purchased our new to us 2018 320s from Paul at Beckley's. Can't recommend him enough. He took us on a short drive to make sure we understood the trailer brakes and about slowing down while towing. He came to check on us in Gettysburg during our first camping trip to make sure we had everything set up correctly and answered all the questions we had. We had a leak in the outside compartment door and their service department was just as wonderful. Took 6 weeks to get an appointment to get it fixed, but it wasn't an emergency and we could still camp with it covered in plastic. They fixed it the first time around and were very courteous.
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