Shillowcase / memory foam upgrade ......What ????

OK, so the standard cushions on our 2019 320s were not cutting it for a good nights sleep for us when in "bed mode" . Hey , we like our sleep .....what can we say ! One of the reasons we fell in love with the 320S , was the almost king size bed ! So .....we decided to make it better ! 

We took a 2" memory foam mattress topper, and cut it to fit.  Brand name eludes me at the moment, but its a good memory foam type and "squishy" , not just regular foam ! 
We cut it down with an electric kitchen knife to EXACTLY 70" wide x 72" long. Perfect fit for a 320S. 

Then , instead of fitting a sheet on it every time we made the bed . We made a "Shillowcase"  for it .........What ?????
We picked out 2 full size flat sheets (yes they are big enough as they are meant to wrap around a regular full mattress) , and sewed them together to make a giant "pillowcase" for the memory foam mattress topper . Hence ........Shillowcase (sheet sized pillow case), get it , lol. 

Now we can roll-it up easily , and throw it behind the couch back rest . We had some Ikea mattress velcro straps leftover that we use to hold it together when rolled up . When we are ready for bed , all we have to do is grab it out from behind the back rest , and roll it out .........the sheet is already in place ! 
We do have to figure something to hold the "open" end together , possibly some velcro , or buttons ? 
Totally removable for machine washing . Works like a charm, and its SO EASY ! 

Its SO comfy now ! 

Here are some pictures ........... What do you all think ? 

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  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Posts: 4,918Moderator
    Good idea.  We did the same thing with a heavy mattress pad - basically made a duvet cover.  Now, when summer camping, we just always leave the bed made up and hang out in the tent.  
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  • lkc001lkc001 Posts: 479Member
    I did the same thing on my twin bed mod.  Nice sleeping on top of smooth comfy sheets & so easy to take off for washing.  I use IRON-ON velcro to close up the open end.  It works really well as long as you follow the directions and make sure to leave the iron on the material long enough to completely liquify the glue.  Make sure you use a cloth between the piece you are ironing & the ironing board & also between the iron & the piece you are ironing or you will have glue oozing out. 
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