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I have been pondering a way to keep the metal tub lid from bonking my punkin head as I root around in the tub.  I never really found an elegant way to do this--until I saw a video about the 2020 TAB 400's.  They are now installing a gas lift arm on the tub.  I ordered a lift arm and the brackets from nuCamp and mounted the arm on my tub.  Works like a champ!



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    Ordered through your dealer, I assume? If so, part number and price would be incredibly useful info for the rest of us!
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    Of course through a dealer--no other way.
    Arm -- P/N 56004267  About $10.00
    Bracket -- P/N 56004268  About $2.50
    Bracket -- P/N 56004269  About $2.50
    Note the two brackets are different.  One is for the top and one is for the bottom.
    Shipping is whatever they think they can get away with.
    Note that those prices are nuCamp's prices.  The dealer may add some percentage (250% in one case) for his trouble in making the phone call to the factory!
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