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I just received  a "Haul Gauge" and am testing it.  It claims to provide a lot of information about your Tow Vehicle Weight, Tow Vehicle Payload, Gross Combined Weight (TV and trailer), Hitch Weight, Pin Weight (if you have a 5th wheel), and Weight Distribution.  
So far all I have tested has been my truck's weight and it has returned an accurate weight--or at least close to what the CAT Scale says.  This could be handy as you are loading the trailer for a trip and want a running indication of your tongue weight as you load and as a check to ensure you haven't overloaded anything.
It works on any vehicle with an OBDII port and an automatic transmission.

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    I really am curious about this tool. I took a look but IIRC, it says not compatible with self-leveling TVs, which mine is.

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    I don't know what self leveling means in a TV.  I assume that means you have pneumatic shock absorbers that automatically inflate and deflate with weight in the bed or hitch added or removed?  The Haul Gauge would still give you a GVW reading and a GCW reading but not tongue weight or weight distribution.
    Can you turn the self leveling feature off or is it, well, automatic?  If you can turn it off you could get a tongue weight reading and then turn it back on.  The tongue weight would be the same but your TV would be level.
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    Yes, the suspension is somewhat along the lines you describe. It is used to self-level and also for raising the suspension to two different off-road heights. It creates an excellent towing experience. It is all automatic and cannot be turned off.

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    I am a Gadget guy and this looks like a fun one. IMHO this may be a little overkill for a Tab but I know a couple of guys who I think will love it. Stay tuned.
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    I’m wondering what effect after market changes to your TV would have. As an example, our 4runner has upgraded, huge wheels and tires replacing the OEM tires. While I haven’t compared the weights, I imagine the difference is significant. And then there’re all those pillows installed for squatting rear axles-don’t know how much those weigh. The video doesn’t mention if those types of changes can be made programmatically.
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