SELLING...BUYING...Here are some tips to communicate.

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Please do not post using the large Activity box on your profile page without a recipient.  It lands on the group “wall” and few ever see your message.  Hate to see anyone disappointed when their requests are ignored.  Start a New Discussion or send a private message: 

Buyers:  pay attention to the seller’s requested contact method.  Some sellers often list their TaBs at multiple websites and frequently do not monitor your posts to their sale ad.  If they list an email/cell #, don’t waste your time posting to their thread - email or call them.

Sellers:  take the time to set up your Notification Preferences (buyers should do this, too).  If you don't regularly visit the forum to check on your private messages, you'll never know if someone has replied. This is easily corrected in the notification settings, you can get an email when someone replies to your private message or comments you have made.  If you don’t know how to locate the Notification Preferences, contact a moderator and we are happy to help or check out these guidelines:

 Also, please be considerate and return to indicate your TaB or accessory is sold.
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