2015 Sofitel faux leather is flaking

Has anyone else experienced flaking of the faux leather seats that come standard in the Sofitel model?  We bought our new [email protected] Sofitel in 2015 and store it in 
a local indoor garage storage facility.  This past summer we noticed the two seats were flaking badly but the interior seat foam was fine.  We contacted NuCamp who said we now have to go through our dealer.  We ordered 2 seat covers from NuCamp using our dealer and was able to replace two zippered seat covers with matching faux leather.  Unfortunately, we now are seeing our other seats covers that are stapled on starting to flake.  Trying to decide if I can replace these myself since I have zero sewing knowledge.  Was wondering if anyone else has had this faux leather problem and if so, did you switch out to fabric?  I love the faux leather but don't want to deal with replacing it every 4 years.  Not sure what is causing it, maybe the mattress topper we use, but is has a cover.
2015 [email protected] Sofitel 


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