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I recently purchased my third NuCamp teardrop (2021 [email protected] 320 S) from Beckley’s in Thurmont, MD and I had such a positive experience with my salesman, Paul “the Air Force Guy” Chamberlain.  You probably know him from his YouTube videos and Facebook Live events where he provides a wealth of helpful information.  He is even better in person.  As I was debating whether to get a boondock version, whether to get upgraded batteries, solar panels, etc., and even whether I should move up to a 400, Paul spent a lot of time asking me about my camping experiences, preferences, and plans. It really helped to crystallize my thinking about how I would really be using my teardrop, not how I’d to use it in my fantasies. He could have very easily tried to upsell me on so many things, but he provided sound advice for my situation.  He even counseled that if my camping habits changed, I could come back for some upgrades, but to save my money for now!  Ask me how much I trust this guy??

The day I picked up my teardrop, Paul was thorough and conscientious about every single thing in the teardrop, even commenting that “you probably already know this, but I want to go over it again.”  Thank you, YES!  He made sure the Alde, A/C, water, toilet, microwave, etc. all worked before I left and did a great job explaining everything and answering all of my questions as I taped him with my phone.  And he was so incredibly patient with what were probably some dumb questions on my part.  We drove together to set the new brake controller and I practiced using it with him in the car until I felt ready and he felt I was ready.  He even gave me  tips about how to better position the side mirrors on my TV correctly, turning the corners, and general maneuvering suggestions.  My superior customer experience didn’t end when I left the parking lot.  After I told Paul about some of the problems, near crises I’ve had solo camping, he told me to call him directly at any time if I have a problem or have a temporary memory lapse so he could help me trouble shoot.  I haven’t been camping yet, but I’ve already reached out to him with quite a few questions, and he is always responsive. 

 I’ve spent a number of hours with Paul the Air Force Guy on the phone and in person and it is obvious that he loves learning and keeping abreast of the industry. He geeks out about  the mechanics and inner workings  but is so talented in explaining them simply to lay people.  This is a man who clearly loves what he does, excels at it, and goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are satisfied, happy, and knowledgeable about their trailer.  


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    Yes, more sales people need to be like Paul.  That said, the sales and service staff at my dealership are also very good and through.  They provided us first cabin service, even though we bought our TaB used from a private party.  We are treated as if we had bought the TaB from them.  
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    Yeah, I watch his videos and am like “Can we clone him so every dealer can have a Paul?” Seems to really have a passion for this stuff.
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    Yes, we also watched all of his TaB videos and the ones from Patrick are Traveling with Delany, and Mandy Lee YaB videos.  All are very informative.
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    What a wonderful story.  Sad that Paul is the exception and not the rule.  Me picking up my [email protected] at the dealer: What's this "Winterized" sticker on the window mean?  Dealer: "Means the trailer was winterized at the factory." Me:  :|
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    Paul also sold us our 320s. We did the test drive and he even came to our campsite on our first night to make sure everything was hooked up correctly and just to see how we were feeling about it all. Answered a bunch of questions and we also have called him once or twice for help. Great person. I would recommend him to everyone looking to purchase a camper.
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