More storage

Hi Folks,

As we are always looking for more storage areas in the [email protected], we found a way to double the space above the passenger side window valence.

Anything taller in that shelf would inevitably end up on the floor when travelling. We had a small piece of natural birch left over from some previous mods, so we built a second shelf above the valence.

First we planed the face to a half an inch to match the original, dadoed the back side and glued in the maple veneered plywood bottom. All mating surfaces to the [email protected] received a bead of silicone adhesive, and then it was carefully placed in position and braced to dry overnight. So far it has worked well and seems rock solid.

Also made a couple of movable bins using plastic drywall mud pans and some 'J' hooks.

Here are some pics...

2016 [email protected] Max S  "[email protected]"
2009 Subaru Outback R 3.0


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